1. Right time of the year to plant?
2. I live north of Major Mackenzie in Markham, will it survive in winter?
3. My flower bed is in shade.?
4. Is there any particular type of Hydrangea I should plant?


Dear gardener, I will try to answer your questions above.

  1. Hydrangea spp. can be planted any time the ground is ready, from April through November. Hydrangea prefer well drained moist soil, and a layer of mulch can help conserve water and keep the ground cool.
  2. Yes they will, however, to ensure you plant a species adapted to your area, always buy at a local nursery and check the label for Canadian Plant Hardiness zone 5b (the US has a different system). Certain pockets of Markham have become quite developed, bringing them to 6a but it is always better to err on the cautious side. If you need to check your area, you can always referred to the Federal Natural Resorces website: https://www.planthardiness.gc.ca/ for more information.
  3. Hydrangeas are generally used in shade gardens as long as shade is define as 4+hrs/day of sun. Under darker conditions they will survive but flowering will be very limited. Also, hydrangeas thrive in moist areas. If the shade is caused by a large tree, ensure planting your hydrangea in a rich compost soil and give plenty of water often.
  4. To answer the above, I would need to know more about your garden conditions but the following types are generally suggested for shade (remember shade=4+hrs sun/day):
    1. Hydrangea arborescens ‘White Dome’ and ‘Annabelle’
    2. Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Lamb’

Your local nursery will be your best source for plants that thrive in your area.

For further information on Hydrangeas, the following site provides details on planting Hydrangeas: www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/planting_fert.html

Good luck and have fun with your new plants!