Best tree block


Hi there, I’m looking for a mix of native trees that provide a large tree block to hide new neighbors house. I live an hour north west of toronto.


Thank you for writing. The question you’ve asked is a tad open-ended, but we’ll provide as much food for thought as possible.

Whether your neighbour’s house is 3 metres, or 30 metres from your home, there will be several planting options, depending on your soil type, amount of sun/ shade available each day, and the growth area your space can accommodate. One hour north-west of Toronto places you on the cusp of the South Central, and Southwest growing regions of Ontario, and based on your info, suggest we look to the Southwest. Please see a link on the Province of Ontario Tree Atlas. Once you select ‘Southwest’, you’ll have an A-Z selection of native trees images, and each has a separate link with a detailed description, and planting information.

You may wish to select a combination of deciduous and conifers. In fact, many homeowners choose to plant a full hedge of conifers —  pine, spruce, or cedar — which will continue to provide privacy during the winter months. We have helped numerous gardeners with requests similar to yours, and please see this TMG Guide titled Private: Evergreens Suitable for Hedging. Within this Guide, you will also see more links to helpful reading and research to make your selections.