Blue Fortune/Anise Hyssop


Hi, I’m trying to find Blue Fortune/Anise Hyssop with no luck wherever I go. Does anyone know of a garden centre which may carry this amazing perennial?


I love this plant too! Agastache foeniculum or anise hyssop as it is commonly known, is a fantastic native herbaceous perennial that is a magnet for bees from June to September or longer in my experience.  I love that it can grow in full sun to shade and in most soil conditions which makes this plant a winner in my books.

We do not endorse any specific businesses, but a quick search on line had it popping up at several places when I looked.  You did not specify where you are located, but I searched “anise hyssop for sale Toronto”.  Did you know that it comes with a chartreuse leaf as well?  ‘Golden Jubiliee’ anise hyssop has subtle but eye-catching chartreuse foliage. Its powder-blue, long-lasting flowers contrast nicely with its leaves.

I hope you are able to locate it and get it in your garden this spring.  If you are curious, here is a bit more information about the plant for you: