removing grass at my backyard and put new sod


How to prepare the ground for new sod? First I want to cut and remove the grass with sod cutter. Please let me know the how to complete the job.
Thank you


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Once the sod is removed you will need to add a layer of good topsoil approximately 10-20cm. Mixing this into the subsoil will improve drainage and improve the quality and texture of your soil by adding more orgainc matter to support the lawn’s roots. Rake and level the area. Apply a seed and sod fertilizer- this is a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to encourage root development.

Once the sod is devivered, do not leave it exposed to the hot sun- it will dry out and die. You should stagger the rows, laying the sod in a brickwork pattern. The edges of the sod should butt right up against each other; do not overlap the pieces or leave gaps inbetween.

Make sure to water your new lawn immediately and generously. Make sure that the water penetrates the sod and reaches the soil line. New sod needs to be moist until it’s established. The frequency of watering depends upon the weather and soil type. You will know that the new sod has taken when you can no longer lift a piece off the ground.

Remember to keep off the newly sodded area for as long as possible since walking on it will compact the soil. A new lawn can be mowed in as little as 7 days. There is no need to fertilize your lawn until its mature.

Landscape Ontario has some excellent information on care of your lawn: How to Care for your Lawn, How to Maintian a Healthy Lawn, Landscape with Turfgrass.

Good Luck with your project.