Bobo hydrangea spacing


I want to plant a row of 6-7 Bobo hydrangeas to form a low hedge on a terraced retaining wall. I want them to have a hedge look that the plants grow into each other a bit, instead of seeing a gap between adjacent plants. What should be the appropriate spacing for this purpose? Is 36-40 inches too much?


The Bobo hydrangea is a good choice for a low-growing hedge. It grows best in loamy soil, but is widely adaptable to many different types of soil. This shrub will bloom regardless of soil, pruning, or pH levels. Because this shrub blooms on new wood, you can prune the Bobo hydrangea in late winter or early spring, although this plant is very compact, so should not need to be pruned.

Fertilize the Bobo hydrangea in early spring with slow release fertilizer designed for trees and bushes.

The majority of hydrangeas should be spaced approximately 3 to 10 feet apart but for a low-growing hedge, you can plant them 18 to 24 inches apart.