Boxwood and pruning other flowers, trees and shrubs


I would like to know if there us a basic schedule to follow fir pruning the following:
Hydrangea(limelight and anabelle), wigela, hosta, rose of sharon,yew hick, and
Perenial flowers? All in fall ir spring. Trying to streamline.

I have read up about boxwood s. Would you recommend one over another for a front entry Walkway.

Thank you


Below you will find the pruning times for the plants you mentioned.

Weigela – late spring just after it has finished blooming as this plant flowers on old wood.

Hicks Yew – late March or early April before too much new growth.

Rose of Sharon (both tree or shrub) – late fall or winter in order to minimize any loss of flower buds on new growth.

Hosta – perennial plant needs no pruning, just clean up dead leaves in the fall.

Flowering Perennials – most flowering perennials can be treated like Hostas (above).

Hydrangea Limelight – late fall, winter or very early spring but plant does better if not pruned every year.

Hydrangea Annabelle – late fall, winter or very early spring, cut back every year.

With regards to your Boxwood enquiry, I would suggest you find another small shrub to line your walkway. The reason for this is they are susceptible to various pest & disease problems, see links below for more information.

Consider something like Common Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) as it is a dark green leaved evergreen, has pink flowers in spring, bright red berries in winter, is slow growing, can be pruned to keep it small and is salt tolerant.

Boxwood: Identify and Manage Common Problems | University of Maryland Extension (

BoxTree Moth: A Toronto Master Gardeners Garden Guide

Hope this helps.