Boxwood hedge


We are a condo building in New Market where the developer planted a boxwood hedge along the sidewalk and driveway. Both are heavily salted or using a salt substitute. The hedge is now almost completely brown. We are being asked to replace them but do not think they are the appropriate plant for a high traffic/salted area. Are Boxwoods salt tolerant? Are they appropriate for the space?

Thank you


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

It is sad to see an elegant boxwood hedge, Buxus spp, turn brown. The following response to a similar question will explain some of the possiblities of your hedge’s demise. Salt is probably a major issue along with lack of water. As the article below explains, evergreens ‘transpire’ or give off moisture even when they can get no water from the frozen ground and for this reason evergreens should be well watered until freeze up.

The following link offers suggestions for a salt tolerant hedge:

Good luck in your hedge replacement.

Boxwood hedge