What to plant


I am looking for ideas for my front garden. I have a Ppagida and a good size Bhutan. I would love that to be the focal point.
I have box wood in small globe along one edge. The next row I have different kind of hosts.
I had a Jspanese Maple which we had to cut down but lots of sapling which have grown and I am leaving it to see if it will get get bigger.
I also have two day lilies and some Columbines.
I would love to have a garden with colour all year long with perennials and will plant annuals but not sure what to plant.
Any help would be so very much appreciated.
The garden face south east.
Thanks in advance.
Have a good day.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry on design suggestions.

Given the limitation of the forum here, and some of the perspective of the photo,  I will provide several points which I hope you will find helpful.

My first impression of the setting is it is already a very interesting and beautiful garden setting.  I see the Pagoda and a Bhutan and seems like you are attempting to create a relaxed zen like atmosphere to the garden. While you have some nice components towards this end, and have a semi-formal framework, I would suggest features such as;

a. using cool colour scheme which invokes a more relaxing sense. Hot colours such as reds or oranges,, or yellows create more excitement. From your picture you have a nice blue hosta against the green boxwoods, and the blue columbines add towards this cool relaxing atmosphere. The red geraniums? (hard to tell from picture) are hot colours and I feel a bit distracting from the theme. By the way using a splash of hot colours provides a nice contrast to cool blues, pinks, whites and purples , as long as they don’t steal the show!

b. I think a few small trees or larger shrubs with a fine texture and that have a weeping habit  will provide a nice backdrop.  Examples you might consider, weeping hemlock next to (or) a weeping japanese maple, dappled willow, weeping kiku-shadare japanes cherry, etc. Also the addition of an upright conical form to create contrast and interest could include; Japanese Pyramidal yew, Sky pencil holy, or even a Slender False Hinoki Cypress, etc.

c. The use of blues, whites and pinks would provide more of the relaxed feeling (if that is what you want). So check out Salvias for foreground and Russian age for backgrounds. There are many more you can choose from at your favorite nursery.  Golden variegated Japanese Forest grass should also be considered for its form and colour contrast foiled against darker greens or blues..

d. One last idea could be to build a circular stone or slate walkway around the center, this will enhance your focal point and dynamics to the garden.

Anyhow, I hope this gives some additional inspiration to further build on what you have.  Enjoy your project !