bring basil plant inside


I brought in my basil plant from the balcony a few weeks ago. Its thriving and doing fine but since I brought it inside. It’s been deteriorating. the leaves are dropping, some are turning brown. I placed it on the window silt facing south with lots of lights. I water it daily to make sure the soil is not dry. How (if) I can bring it back to life?

  1. I too have brought lovely basil plants indoors to try and overwinter them – but have always failed!  You’ll see from a previous response on the Ask a Master Gardener website,  Overwintering plants that the key may be that grow lights might make all the difference.

See also Gardening Know How’s  Information On How To Grow Basil Indoors  — this article discusses light, fertilizer and soil requirements for basil.  The Spruce’s Tips for growing basil indoors also has lots of helpful information.  I’d suggest purchasing new basil plants now (it’s near the end of October, there are still some plants available) or growing the plants from seed.

Keep trying with your old basil plants, but they may simply be too tired to perform!

Good luck with growing basil indoors!