How to grow and care for Haworthia cuspidata in Toronto?


Dear Master Gardener,

I came across these plants and am wondering if they are healthy. If they are not, how to treat them to recovery? Are they Haworthia cuspidata? How to grow and care for them in Toronto?

Thanks for your valuable advice and guidance.


These do look like H. cuspidata, a slow-growing succulent that is grown as a houseplant in our climate.

I’d suggest repotting them (separately) into 2 small clay pots, using a cactus or succulent mix or a blend of half potting soil and half grit (e.g., sand or perlite).  These plants don’t have deep roots, so shallow containers are best.

The soil should drain well, and  water the plant  regularly when the top of the soil feels dry. Don’t overwater or the roots may rot.  You can use dilute fertilizer during the months where the plant is actively growing (spring-early fall).  Some experts suggest that you repot the plant every 2-3 years, while others note that Hawarthias often stay in the same pot for years.

The plants prefer a partially shady to shady location, and also do well in bright spots away from direct sun.

You may be interested in the Toronto Cactus & Succulent Club, which is also on Facebook.  For additional information, see World of Flowering Plants. Haworthia cuspidata (Star window plant).

Enjoy your little houseplant!