Brussels sprouts produce no sprouts


2 years in a row in different location in my garden. I get healthy 3 ft Brussels sprouts plants but they yield no sprouts or a few tiny sprouts. My soil is good and I gave tried direct sun and partial shade. No evidence of pests or fungus


Thank you for your inquiry.  After researching this topic extensively, and understanding your dilemma (and frustration) about non-producing plants, I am attaching an article from OMAFRA describing best growing conditions for Brassicas, the family into which your Brussel Sprouts fall.

My understanding is that the fruit is formed at the base of the leaf, and quantity of fruit produced is relative to the number of leaves on the plant.  They also take a long time to grow and are best harvested in the fall after a frost or 2.  I hope this reference is useful and that you are able to successfully harvest this delicious vegetable next season!

Smith, Edward C. (2011). The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible. Storey Publishing, USA. pp 108, 161-162.  Although I understand you are gardening in a garden, the same principles apply to vegetable growing whether in a container or not.