Indoor gardening


I am a teacher in the TDSB and my class has volunteered to mind the small indoor garden in the stairwell of my school (see photos; window is north facing). It has easy to care for plants that don’t require much watering. Can you recommend anything we could add to make it a little more exciting? Must be easy.


Good for your class to undertake this indoor garden!  You have indicated that your stairwell is on the north facing side of the building, therefore would have limited sunlight exposure.  There are several low-light and low-maintenance indoor (tropical) plants we can suggest.  As far as exciting, that is subjective and different for each individual.

Our suggestions for your site would be Sansevieria var. (Snake Plant), Zamioculcas zamifolia (ZZ Plant) and Dracaena var. (Dragon Plant).  As indicated, there are many different varieties of Sansevieria and Dracaena.  All 3 of these plants are commonly stocked in garden centres and retail nurseries.

Since you are working with grade school children, please be aware that certain plants are inedible or may produce sap that can irritate eyes and skin.  Reactions are not consistent and may vary from person to person.

Good luck with your new project!