Bulbs and irrigation conundrum


the companion perennials (planted right next to the bulb)
are watered by drip.
poor bulbs –
they are too .
sad … soggy … bulbs


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about irrigation and its effect on neighbouring bulbs. There are some bulbs that do well with regular watering during the season. It may help them to proliferate. Examples of these bulbs are daffodils (Narcissus), alliums, camassias, chionodoxas, grape hyacinths, snowflakes, snowdrops and squills. However, spring bulbs and irrigation systems can also result in rotting bulbs. The article below has more information about this.

Summer Irrigation for bulbs

Watering when planting bulbs is important along with some specific planting and care requirements detailed in the link below:

Bulbs planting and maintenance

If you are tulip devotee, Toronto Master Gardeners growing guide for tulips is below:

Growing Tulips

An informative growing guide for the care and naturalizing of bulbs:

Naturalizing Bulbs

With a natural rain shower, precipitation soaks into the soil within hours. Changing the frequency of irrigation could allow ample drainage for the bulbs. Possibly the drip line can be moved away from the bulb area. Another idea is to amend the soil around the bulbs with organic material such as compost and mulch to enhance drainage. Certain bulbs might be moved to drier location in your garden.

Best of luck with your bulb collection and resolving their growing environment.