Winterizing rose tree


I asked an earlier question about winterizing the rose tree and got a wonderful answer. Thank you so much. Further to this: I transplanted the rose tree to a plasti pot. When I bring the rose tree in to the garage or sunroom, do I water it over the winter or not touch it at all? Will it do better in a dark place or a well lit place?


Thanks for the kind words about our earlier answer!

Once the standard rose is dormant (leaves have fallen), bring it into the garage, not the sunroom.

If temperature in your garage usually drops below zero, consider added protection. To further insulate the tree, you can put the container in a large cardboard box, then fill it with shredded newspaper or dry leaves. Place it against the garage wall adjoining the house since that spot may be slightly warmer. Put the container up on blocks so it is not sitting right on the very cold garage floor. Some people leave a light bulb on to add a little warmth.

In dormancy, the rose doesn’t need frequent watering; however, don’t let the soil dry out completely, just keep it very slightly moist.

Good luck overwintering your lovely rose!

October 17,2022