Butternut Tree


I would like to know, if it is a butternut tree?


It is very difficult to determine what type of tree this is as your photo is somewhat unclear.  So, it is possible that it is a Butternut.  That being said, I’m going to give you some identifying characteristics of the Butternut so that you can return to the location of this tree and make a positive I.D. for yourself.

Butternut or White Walnut are botanically named Juglans cinerea and to identify them look out for the following:

Maturity is reached in approximately 75 years with a height of 40-60 feet.

Light Gray furrowed/ridged Bark.

Leaves are pinnately compound being made up of 11-19 stalkless leaflets with a terminal leaflet at the tip.  Each leaf is dull, has fine hairs and is dark green.

Flowering happens between late May and early June – yellow-green catkins.

Fruit is a lemon coloured, tapered, oblong outer skin which is sticky and is covered in fine hairs.  The tree produces these either singly or in bunches of 2-6 together.  Inside this skin is a brown, hard, corrugated, pointy shell that contains the kernel which is edible.  Ripening of the fruit takes place between September & October with harvesting done thereafter.

Buds and twigs of this tree are very sticky.

Generally, these trees grow best by stream banks, in well drained sandy soils or in limestone rocky soils.

You do not state where you are located but the range for these trees is from the United States mid-west all the way north & east into Quebec and New Brunswick.

Good luck going forward with a positive I.D.