Cherry Tree Health in 2017*


Hi – I have a mature Japanese Cherry Tree in my back yard – it’d be close to a 2 foot diameter at 3 feet off the ground.

This year it started dropping leaves beginning in June and has continued everyday – about 50-100 leaves drop everyday – yellow in colour – I noticed another younger Japanese Cherry Tree in Mississauga had dropped quite a few leaves – could this be related to the weather of this summer – lots of rain – does it sound like something to be worried about?


I am sorry that you are experiencing problems with your Japanese flowering cherry tree.

The enclosed article, “Early yellowing and leaf drop on Mature Cherry Tree ” explains that there may be several reasons for premature yellowing of cherry leaves. Premature leaf drop may be due to: ¬†overwatering (as you suggested);¬†Iron chlorosis and diseases and pests.

Early Yellowing and Leaf Drop