Empress Cedar Tree Overall Pale Colour*



I installed an Empress Cedar into a raised planter last Autumn 2016. It appeared healthy until midsummer this year where it is now definitely a pale unhealthy colour. It was installed with a soaker hose system at the end of a row of healthy young Yews. Another Empress Cedar planted at the same time in an adjacent bed is a bit damaged at bottom due to construction stress next to it but is otherwise herby a deep green so I suspect it has something to do with raised bed or somehow when it was installed. Do you know what can cause this problem and what looks like ultimate death in this case?

If its the root ball, how do I check for that. If its ph imbalance, how do I get a test kit?

Also, some different Yews on a hillside near by, all of these the same species have also become green yellow all over and seem to not be growing despite they were healthy for the past two years.

Thanks for the help!


The Toronto Master Gardeners receive many questions about container grown cedars and yellowing evergreens, addressing die-back and browning, failure to thrive, pruning and general care.

I suggest that you search the Toronto Master Gardeners wesite for “container grown cedars and yews” and you will find a wealth of very specific posts on keeping your evergreens healthy  and in good shape. Here is a link to one of our earlier posts:

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