Clematis- Like Yellow Flower


I have Clematis and they are purple and blue colors.  I want to mix them with yellow flowers.  Is there any yellow flower like Clematis.  I have a pole and they are rounding around the pole nicely but would be even better if there is a yellow flowers between them.  Thank you for your help indeed.


Clematis tangutica ‘Golden Tiara’, would be a beautiful compliment to the blue and purple varieties you already have.  It has lovely yellow bell shaped flowers and blooms from mid-summer into the fall.  It can grow up to 15 feet tall with a 2 foot spread.  It’s flowers can attract hummingbirds into your garden if they are in your area.

You do not specify your geographic location, but this plant is hardy to zone 3a which means it will withstand winter temperatures of -35 to -40 degrees C.  It is a non-native to North America.

Care for this plant is relatively easy – it blooms on old wood so any pruning should be done right after it has finished flowering, it likes full sun to part shade, evenly moist soil, and a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant in the summer and winter will shade & protect the roots and also help conserve soil moisture.

One word of caution – this plant has a tendency to self seed, so cutting off the spent flower heads before they go to seed may be a good idea if you don’t want it spreading around your garden.  Or, if you like the look of the beardy seed heads in the winter, leave a few on the plant but be prepared to weed out the seedlings in the spring.  This is not for a garden that borders an environmentally sensitive area.