No Sign of Hyacinth Bulbs Yet


I planted Hyacinth and Tulip bulbs last Fall.  I am starting to see signs of Tulips sprouting but no sign from the Hyacinth!!  I thought Hyacinths bloom before Tulips.  So I am afraid my Hyacinth did not make it this year.  I have a feeling it is because I dug deep 15 cm (6 inch) when I planted the bulbs.  But I followed the instruction in the label.  I feel sad if they do not come up as I spent a lot of time.  Which sprouts first – Tulips or Hyacinth?  Thank you for all your help.  I live in Toronto by the way.


Your question is a good one – which should you see first peeping out of the ground in spring, Tulips or Hyacinths?  And, unfortunately the answer is not simple.

There are tulip varieties that bloom in early spring, mid spring and late spring.  Depending on which variety you planted in the fall, that will determine when it will appear in your garden and then bloom.

Hyacinths generally bloom in mid spring but this can vary a little with the type of hyacinth and the health of the individual bulbs.

Your planting instructions seem to be correct.  As long as you planted big healthy bulbs in September/October, with the pointy end up, watered them in well, and added some compost to the hole site, then they have a good chance at making it through the winter.  Hyacinths prefer a well drained soil as a compacted soil can hold too much water and cause bulb rot.  Squirrels and other pests are generally not attracted to hyacinths as they are toxic to them.

Be patient, spring is just beginning in Toronto and before long you will have a wonderfully colourful garden.