Clover lawn eaten by Rabbits


I planted white clover in my backyard as it’s resistant to dog urine. It was easy to grow and looked great, until a cute wee rabbit discovered it. It’s having a feast on my clover! Will it recover after being chewed up by Bugs Bunny?


Oh my  goodness, those bunnies certainly can chew their way through a garden and where there is one bunny, you can be guaranteed, there are more.

The clover, depending on how badly chewed it is, should recover if given a chance.

My first suggestion is to locate where/how the rabbits are getting into your garden.  Once you have established this, chicken wire fencing works quite well at creating a barrier but it must be a minimum of 3 feet high. Be vigilant as they will try to find another route in, so monitoring regularly or fencing your entire yard may be called for.

There is also some evidence that sprinkling blood or bone meal in your garden may be unappealing to our furry friends too.  Both of these products are natural fertilizers which would benefit the clover, with blood meal being high in Nitrogen.

There are also commercial products, liquid and granular, which are designed to deter rabbits as well as deer, which are another menace in the garden. Your local nursery or garden centre should be able to point you in the right direction here.

Whatever you do deterrent wise, I would suggest purchasing more clover seed to sew in the bare spots in your lawn.

Hope this helps.