Mulberry Sucker


When I first planted my mulberry I didn’t know you were supposed to cut off new shoots. I now have a sucker that has taken over my weeping mulberry and is a huge tree. It produces large amounts of fruit that stay white, while the originals still turn red and purple. Are the white safe to eat?


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question re Morus alba. 

White mulberry is considered an invasive species in Ontario. White mulberry outcompetes native plants due to its ability to adapt to a wide variety of environmental conditions, to create abundant fruit, and hence seed production.

Also, the white mulberry tree has toxicity potential. It is listed as mildly toxic according to The Poisonous Plants of North Carolina database. The unripe berries and milky sap are the toxic part.

For more information about white mulberry and best practices depending on the size of your tree please consult: