Container Roses


I am considering purchasing roses to plant in a container on my south-facing deck (I live in downtown Toronto). What is the best way to overwinter such roses so that they can come back next year? Also, how many years does a rose typically last in a container? I’m assuming floribundas and miniatures are best, but I am also considering David Austin roses.


There are a couple of points that I’d like to highlight.

  • Select roses that are hardy in zones at least 2 zones colder than your location.  Downtown Toronto is zone 5B or 6 depending on how close you are to the lake.  You should select roses that are hardy to zone 3 or 4 to successful overwinter them growing in a container.
  • The container in which you grow them must be able to withstand the freeze/thaw cycles that Toronto experiences
  • There is no exact science for predicting how long roses grown in a container will survive.  Each winter brings a new set of challenges.

Below is a link from our library which answers your questions.

Here are some more links for further research.