Kerria blight


Have removed the diseased Kerrie. Is it safe to place any other plants in the soil. Should the, soil be treated in some way before planting?


There are several questions and answers posted on the Toronto Master Gardener website that deal with what you do now that you have removed your diseased Kerria japonica.  The links are below.…/how-d0-you-treat-ground-that-has-had-blight-stric……/how-to-deal-with-blight-on-kerria-japonica/

As the Kerria japonica is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae), other members of the rose family may be susceptible to the same infestations.  It is a good cultural practice to not plant other members of the Rosaceae family in the spot where you have removed your Kerria japonica for approximately 5 years.  Most blights are caused by bacterial or fungal infestations and it is possible that they live in the soil.