Coral bark Japanese maple – source a tree?


Wondering where I could purchase in Toronto or surroundings, a coral, Bach, Japanese maple tree


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about where to purchase Coral Bark Japanese Maple or Acer palmatum “Sango Kaku”.

We cannot recommend specific businesses, however we do have a suggestion for you which may help in your search.

Landscape Ontario, which is a super site for the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association is worth checking out. Their website has a ‘Find a Company’ feature which allows the general public to enter their geographic location along with their search criteria and it will then display a list of options for you to choose from – in your case, the Garden Centres and Nurseries in your area. The listings will include telephone numbers and website addresses, of the recommended businesses, so you can check on plant material supply at a particular nursery or garden centre, or you can just call the companies directly to confirm they carry what you are looking for.

See the links below for more information:

Landscape Ontario Website.

Once you have chosen your tree, you can refer to our website on how to grow Japanese Maples: Japanese Maples

Good luck finding your tree !