Forcing bulbs- is it too late in March/April?


Hello, and thanks so much for this incredible website!

I had big plans to force some flowering bulbs this past winter. However, there they still are, in my refrigerator. What could I do with these bulbs, now that it’s almost April? Keep them in the fridge until the fall? Plant them outside now? Thanks for any feedback on this!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Assuming the bulbs you have in the refrigerator are tulips, it’s not too late to plant up your bulbs for a later bloom period in a pot.

Choose a container with good drainage and fill with potting soil to about 3 to 4 inches (7.5-10 cm.) below the rim of the container. The next step in forcing tulip bulbs is to place them just on top of that soil, pointy end up. Fill the container with soil around the tulip bulbs to almost the top of the container. The very tips of the tulip bulbs should still show through the top of the soil. Once you have done this, place the pots in a cool, dark place (a basement or unheated garage is ideal). Water the pots lightly about once a week. When leaves begin to appear, bring the tulip bulbs out and place them in a location where they will get bright, but indirect light. Your forced tulips should flower in two to three weeks after being brought into the light.

For more information on forcing a variety of bulbs, please see the link below:

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