Creeping thyme they look dead now


I have creeping thyme. I planted them as ground cover 3 years ago and they have been fine. I do not recall when they usually start turn green after the winter is gone. Right now they look so brown or dead to me. Is that normal? I also fertilize them (very few amount) when the ground was went 2-3 weeks ago. I live in Toronto west. Thanks a lot for your help.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. I think it’s still too early to expect your creeping thyme (Thymus praecox) to be showing real signs of life. This plant will be evergreen during mild winters, however this has not been the case this winter, which has been much colder for longer periods of time than some previous winters. Depending where you live in the Toronto area, the average last frost date is in late April – early May, later if you are a bit further north. Something to also keep in mind is that T. praecox is hardy to Zone 6, so again depending on where you live you could be right on the edge of whether your plant will survive the winter we have just come through. I suggest patience for a few weeks, and no fertilizer. This should be applied when a plant is actively growing.

Hoping for the best with your beautiful plant. Spring is almost really here !