Cucumber Disease


I live in zone 6. Clay soil, that has been amended with manure worm castings, compost and balanced organic fertilizer. My cucumbers have had a few leaves like this one in the photo. I am not sure if this is a disease verticulum wilt or something else. This bed was new, but had a tree growing here that had an issue before we moved here. This year I had alot of cucumber beetles also. Do you think this may be a disease. My cantaloupes are beside this cucumber. One plant has had a few curled or leaves. I have a pic of that also. It does not look like the one in the picture though.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners to inquire about your cucumbers (Cucumus sativus).

There are a number of cucumber diseases that could result in wilted leaves, but I believe your plants are suffering from Cucumber bacterial wilt.  This is a very common disease for cucumbers.   The bacteria that causes this disease is carried and spread from plant to plant by striped or spotted cucumber beetles.  Cantaloupes are also impacted by bacterial wilt so keep a close eye on them as well.

The first symptom is individual leaves wilt and dry out, followed by the wilting spreading to branches and vines.  Eventually the entire plant will wither, collapse and die.  Unfortunately there is no chemical control for bacterial wilt once the plants have been infected.  Remove and destroy any infected  plants as soon as you notice them wilting.  As beetles spread bacterial wilt, reducing the number of beetles is your first line of defense.  Choosing varieties of cucumbers that are beetle resistant is the best strategy to overcome bacterial wilt.  Other strategies can be found at Integrated Pest Management Strategies.

You are not alone.  Another gardener asked the same question last year.   Refer to more details at:  ASK – Cucumbers Dying

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