Lawn composting


For west end Toronto, and the coming rain, following a week of humidity and rain, would it be better to spread compost on a lawn when it’s drier, on a couple of small lawns totalling 400 square feet when it is drier? I obtained Toronto city compost, although it’s not as fine as I wished, and will use this video with a couple of rakes, but sturdy footwear. I love the idea of a “breakfast buffet” for the grass.


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master gardeners.

Great question as we all love the green grass we have and want it to look it’s best. The usual time for spreading compost is in late Spring and early Fall. Grass in the summer does look stressed at times with heat and foot traffic and we wonder how to improve its look. If compost is applied now it should be very lightly spread to not stress grass roots. Unfortunately we can not predict rain frequency or amount so it is a bit tricky. Do you have another source for watering if Nature doesn’t co-operate? I wonder if you are adding seeding to the top of the compost? Seeds will probably burn in this heat. Will you stay off the grass to allow it to do its job?

If City compost is not as fine as you would like do you have a piece of screening that you could sift it thru?

If you have a place to store the compost, Fall is probably a better time to spread it, rain or no rain. Now here is the but, if Fall is too busy and you won’t do it then, now could work as you have the time and energy to spread it. Your lawn will enjoy the breakfast.