Cultivating Seedlings*


I started seeds in a vase a few weeks ago,
and they’re about 3/4 inch high in a small vase, for “gold rush lettuce”. Can you provide a link or advice about how to nurture them, whether in a container or in dirt. I could go either way, but the idea of using containers, and bringing them inside concerns me if they could bring bugs inside. Although I did this for decades for my mom, it seems more attractive without the other stresses that have left with leaving work life.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto master gardeners with your inquiry.

The following is a link to a previous post on seedling transplanting plus our Gardening Guide on Growing from Seed:

You may also wish to  check our website:  Enter the word lettuce into the Search Box and you will get pages of results.

Before you place your seedlings outdoors  you must ensure that temperatures are mild and all chance of frost has passed. Based on historical data the last frost date for Toronto is May 9th.

When planting lettuce in the ground or in a container it is best to choose a location that will get a little shade in the height of summer since lettuce is not a fan of hot weather and will bolt when the temperature rises. If your lettuce does bolt and starts sending up a flowering stock remove the entire plant immediately and place it in the refrigerator to prevent the leaves from turning bitter.

Good Luck and here’s hoping that you have a bountiful harvest.