Hicks Yews shade tolerant*


Will Hicks Yews grow in shady conditions. If not what type of yew will be tolerant in those conditions. Garden is located in Newmarket ON. They will be planted close to cedars. There will be a little bit of morning sun.


Thank you so much for your question to the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Your inquiry is similar to several that we have previously answered, so my first suggestion is that you check our website www.torontomastergardeners.ca.  Enter the words Hicks Yew into the Search box and you will get pages of information on these beauties.

Hicks Yews will tolerate partial shade. These plants grow best if they get at least some sun ( 2-4 hrs.) each day. More importantly, however, they need soil that drains very well. These yews tend to grow very tall and rather columnar in shape which is good for hedging. They are good for most soil conditions.  They do require a regular pruning to keep the shape and height you wish. Pruning should be done in the summer or early autumn.