Cutting Phantom hydrangeas


Hello; I am moving and want to take a cutting of my hydrangeas. When I purchased (50) of them in 2020, I didn’t know the name, all that was on the container was a P. Can I trim them back now to take to my new location and stick the branches in the ground to see if they will grow? I think they are phantom (hardwood).


You don’t say when you are moving, and that’s important. If you are moving shortly or in the winter, unless you have a greenhouse, you are unlikely to succeed with cuttings taken now.

Phantom hydrangeas (and I agree that’s what yours look like) bloom on new growth, so the best time to take cuttings is in early summer after the plants have leafed out.

There is an excellent description of the process, with pictures, on this website: Grow your own hydrangeas from cuttings.

I highly recommend that you make an arrangement with your home’s purchaser so that they agree to let  you visit in early summer to take some cuttings. As the website cited above makes clear, that will benefit them as well since they are likely to get bushier, more floriferous plants as a result of you taking the cuttings.

Good luck!

October 16,2022