Daphne – can you recommend a small variety?


My question is two-fold:
1. I’ve been looking for a variety of daphne that will either stay quite small (maybe 24″ tall, maybe 12″ wide) or that is easily shaped. If possible, I’d rather start with younger plants that’s not much taller than 12″. It’ for the north side of a building, so quite a shady spot. Can anyone suggest a particular variety?
2. Any idea as to where in Toronto might I find it? This year in particular, tracking down plants has been (understandably) complicated, and thus far I’ve only managed to find an gigantic and very mature Carol Mackie.


There are a number of Daphnes that could fit into the space you’ve indicated or could be contained by pruning into your desired size – see list below:

  1. Daphne cneorum ‘Ruby Glow’, D.c. var.pygmaea ‘Alba’, ‘Alba’, Eximia’, ‘Variegata’.
  2. Daphne arbuscula
  3. Daphne alpina
  4. Daphne oleoides
  5. Daphne kosaninii
  6. Daphne retusa
  7. Daphne tangutica

Some of these are smaller than others, some may be stretching our northern hardiness zone limits and others are quite rare, expensive and difficult to find.  I would suggest you do your own research into the above varieties to see if it is worth your time locating one and worth the plant expense.

With regards to where you would find these in the current climate, I would suggest you contact Landscape Ontario who may be able to direct you to a reliable plant source – see link below: