Delosperma Species – Yellow Ice Plant


I just read about Yellow Ice Plant.  I read they grow in California. I read that it can live in zone 3-9.  My question is – do you think it will be ok to plant it in Toronto?
Any other hints about this plant would be very much appreciated.


Many varieties of Delosperma, Ice Plant, are indeed hardy to Zone 5 and in some instances lower.

These lovely low growing cheerful succulents make great ground covers, edging, container ‘spillers’, and being drought tolerant, are a wonderful addition to any alpine or rock garden.  They attract butterflies with their pretty flowers in late spring/early summer.  Growth rate is fast so plants should be spaced 24 inches apart at planting and propagation is done by taking cuttings.  Planting location must be full sun and soil should be well draining and sandy.  Half strength 5-10-5 fertilizer should be administered a couple of times during the growing season.

For further information on this plant species, see the link below for an article written by Todd Boland, Research Horticulturist at Memorial University of Newfoundland: