Golden Creeping Jenny


What do you know about Golden creeping Jenny?

Can it be planted in Toronto?

Is it good ground cover plant?

Is it short (that’s what I’d prefer).

Is it Evergreen?

Is it sold in Toronto or it is something not known here?

Any other hint would be very much appreciated


Creeping Jenny, Lysimachia nummularia, is a low growing evergreen plant that can indeed be grown in Toronto.  It makes an excellent ground cover, especially in areas where other plants or lawn grass won’t/can’t grow.  It can also be used in rock gardens, around ponds, between stepping stones and makes a great trailing plant in containers.  It has minimal requirements to keep it happy as it will grow in most soil and light conditions.  Plants should be spaced 24-36 inches apart as it will very rapidly fill in and spread.  Flowers are yellow and are somewhat inconspicuous in summer.

This plant comes with a warning – it should not be introduced into a garden that borders an environmentally sensitive or protected area.  It may be restricted due to it’s invasive growth habit, so please confirm with your municipality that it is accepted in your particular area.  Also, be advised that if it is planted next to a garden lot boundary, it will sneak under any fence and can cause serious neighbourly tension.  This is a plant, that once it is introduced, you may never get rid of it.

For alternative less invasive ground covers, seek out Irish or Scotch Moss, Japanese Spurge, Woolly Thyme, Ground Phlox or Ajuga species.