Dense perennial privacy vine


What kind of perennial vine, part sun, would you recommend for a chain link fence. I want easy care , flowers if possible (like morning glory), and dense lealves for privacy.


Vines can add privacy and interesting verticality to a garden. Perennial vines in particular, are generally easy to care for as they do not need to be re-planted annually but may require some pruning once they are well established. Remember that it may take few years for your vine to get well established but it will be worthwhile once it does.

You mentioned Morning Glory which is an annual thus may need to be replanted (although in the right conditions it will reseed itself). They require plenty of sun to bloom otherwise you will get green leaves but few flowers.

Please refer to these previous entries Vines for privacy and Native climbing flowering vines for some suggestions. We strongly encourage you plant native vines to our area, as they are beneficial in attracting birds, butterflies and other pollinators and, support the ecosystem without being invasive.

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