Dutchman’s Pipe Vine – did not come back this year


Hi There, we have (had) a prolific Dutchman’s pipe vine covering part of our front porch and west wall of our 1924 home. We have been told it has always been on the home. Much to our dismay it totally died this year! We have owned the home 10 years and didn’t touch or prune it – it always grew back lovely and full. I have since pulled away all the dead vine and left the root in the ground as best I could hoping it will regenerate next Spring. What might have happened? Any tips on establishing a new vine? Our porch feels so bare. Our soil is a nice mix of clay. Thank you so much in advance.


Sorry to hear that your beloved  your Dutchman’s Pipe did not regrow this year.

Dutchman’s Pipe (Arestolochia macrophylla) is seldom affected by disease. Did you happen to notice any desiccated, curled, deformed leaves previously on the vine?  If this was the case it is most likely that you have had insects like aphids that sucked out moisture and nutrition from the infected leaves.

Some fungi infections cause leaves to thicken and become puckered. Did you see any evidence of dark spots on the bottom of the leaf or any signs of mildew or mold-dusty sticky white or black powder or  white filaments?

If you don’t notice any of the above signs of insects or molds, it is possible your plant has a viral infection spread by some type of insects that went unnoticed.  If this is the case there is little one can do other than add compost and manure, and water the plant hoping that its own immune system will be able to fight off the pathogen and will regrow from healthy roots.

Another possibility is an animal chewing at the roots. Have you seen any evidence of chipminks, mice or voles running around or digging holes near the vine?

The following links provides more information on growing this vine: Aristolochia macrophylla , Dutchman’s Pipe vine disease, Dutchman’s Pipe

Here’s hoping that you see signs of new growth next spring.