Dwarf Trees


Hi Guys,

I want to plant fruit trees in my yard but it is very small. I’m looking for dwarf trees.

Do you have a preference or recommendation for where to buy them from?

I’m located in Vaughan near Dufferin St and Major Mackenzie so if you know suppliers in this area I’d appreciate their info!

Also, I’m only aware of dwarf apple and pair trees. Are there other varieties?

Thank you!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master gardeners with your inquiry.

There are a number of fruit trees which are available as dwarf varieties. There is a  dwarf sweet cherry cultivar that is self-pollinating, Prunus avium ‘Compact Stella’.  You might also like to consider ‘Starkrimson’ and Glacier are 2 other sweet dwarf cultivars.

Sweet dwarf plum cultivars are ‘Superior’ Plum and Green Gage Plum which is self-pollinating.  Both are sweet and can be eaten right off the tree.

Sweet dwarf peach cultivars are ‘Elberta Queen’and ‘Redhaven’ which are both self-pollinating.

Sweet dwarf nectarine cultivars are Crimson Snow, SunGlo.

Dwarf fruit trees aren’t always really dwarf themselves.  It is often the rootstock to which the variety is grafted to that gives it the dwarf characteristic.  Another rootstock characteristic can be insect and disease resistance.

While the Master Gardeners do not endorse any specific product or company however here is an excellent source for Ontario garden centres in your area.:  https://landscapeontario.com/find-a-company