Early blooming perennials


Hi there,
I would like to plant some perennials that will bloom in the spring, but I don’t know much about gardening! I know that poppies are beautiful, but I’m wondering if there’s any other plants that are relatively low maintenance that would look nice with poppies and grow in a part-sun environment?


When you say “part sun”, the question is whether you are talking about light or dappled shade, or whether you mean you get some sun for only part of the day and whether that is morning or afternoon sun. The light conditions, the nature of the soil (clay, sandy, or ?) and how much moisture there is (is this bed competing with large trees for the soil moisture, or is it often damp and soggy?) will determine the best plants for you to consider.

For example, as  you mention poppies: they do best in at least 6 hours of full sun, in well drained soil.

Luckily, we have prepared several Gardening Guides that will help you, including those that can help you use native plants in your garden.

Have a look at the Toronto Master Gardener Guides that are listed on these pages:


Native Plants

And don’t forget early blooming bulbs!

Here’s our Guide to early-blooming, easy to grown bulbs.

Consider your growing conditions: do a web search to see the appearance of the plants we list that seem to match your situation; and make some choices.

Then, if you have more questions about how to grow these plants, or would like to know about similar plants, please get back in touch. We are always here to help!