New planted Emerald cedars some leaves/ needles starting to turn brown


I just planted 30 Emerald cedars in a row (1st week of august) 6 and 7 foot tall trees purchased from a nursery. I was told the trees were Ontario grown and can note some were burlaps root ball some in pots.

I have noticed the trees are starting to get some brown leaves/ needles especially closer to the bottom. See pics attached..

The trees were planted in an area that gets sun almost all day, they are watered with direct sprinkler irrigation for 12 minutes ( not the rotating sprinkler.. it’s watering the bottoms constantly) on both sides of the row for 12 minutes at 6am and 9pm everyday. The soil is constantly moist even after a full day of sun. The trees were planted with a mix of the existing clay and triple mix mostly on the top side. I also used hens manure transplant granulates 4 cartons total (1.5kg/ carton) and spread/ mixed it in with the triple mix.

I want some advice on what is causing the browning leaves/ needles, if my water scheduling is ok and / if more transplanter is needed.


Toronto Master Gardeners many questions, such as yours, regarding emerald cedars. Please see below a TMG article that deals with the issue of the cedars starting to turn brown —  and much more.

We wish you every success with your cedars.