Eastern Ontario White Cedars*


I am looking for privacy in my backyard, and was considering the above cedars. The area is part shade, with an apple tree surrounding area. The soil is clay and sand. My concern is the cedars mentioned are sparse and not the best option.
I would welcome your feedback, ie whether these cedars are a good option. Or other suggestions to cover a 10 feet area to obtain privacy at the back of the garden – facing east
Many thanks for this opportunity to ask for advice


Eastern White Cedar (botanical name: Thuja occidentalis) is the evergreen most often used for year round privacy hedges. Ontario Eastern White Cedar means that the tree was grown in Ontario which ensures a good resistance to our climate. They grow well in clay to sandy soils, in full sun to part shade. After planting, trees will need regular watering, particularly during dry periods, for the first couple of years. Once established Cedars are low maintenance and very resistant.

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