Forget Me Not forgetting to flower*


Hi – I purchased a few Forget Me Not plants from a reputable nursery. They were planted last May, there were no flowers on them when I purchased. Watched them for the entire spring and summer, the plant spread but it did not flower. This year the plant has continued to spread, it is about a foot high and extremely green and looks very healthy. Again no flowering action? For the last couple of weeks I have been watering the plant with the miracle grow mix in hopes it will entice it to bloom – no luck. They are in mainly shade but lots of filtered light, they get about an hour of direct light when it is sunny out. I live in Ottawa, ON.

Do you have any recommendations? I am totally baffled.

Thank you!



Forget-me-nots are blooming here in Toronto. But in Ottawa blooming time would be later. Have you noticed if they are blooming in other gardens? Perhaps you should contact a horticultural society in Ottawa for information specific to your growing conditions. Myosotis sylvatica is happy in shade or part shade and considered a hardy annual because seeds survive over the winter. Your plant may be waiting to warm up, or you may have purchased a species and variety that is not the same as the common pale blue plant that blooms in early spring.  Without the flower, it is difficult to be sure it is from the Myos0tis family.  The leaves are very different from our usual forget-me-nots (thin, delicately attached and hairy). In fact we are wondering if your plant is a Forget Me Not?    Check the tag and let us know the  name.  Consider taking a branch back to the nursery and ask them to verify its name. Tags often get moved from plant to plant is busy nurseries.   In any case, I recommend that you stop feeding it with soluble fertilizer. You may be promoting leaf growth rather than flower production. Rather, amend the soil with compost and/or triple mix and be sure it is kept moist. From the photo your soil looks pretty nutritious, so this may not be necessary. If it is not a Forget Me Not, it might require more sun to bloom.   If you have friends with flowering forget me nots, ask for a few for your garden. And let them go to seed. Here is a Toronto Master Gardeners Guide to Annuals for Shade that you may find useful.

Annuals for Shade: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide