Eremurus himalaicus or Himalayan Foxtail Lily *


I purchased 3 of these last year from B.C. They arrived quite late and planted early November. Of the 3 only 1 emerged and has done poorly. I’ve dug it out today and tuber looks okay so I’ve set it aside lightly covered in my compost. I would like to try again. Do you know of a more local supplier where these can be purchased. I live in Niagara but have had no success with nurseries here.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Eremurus himalaicus or Himalayan Foxtail Lily is certainly a beautiful plant. There are several factors which may have had an impact on your results this year.

Eremurus himalaicus prefers to be planted a bit earlier in the fall than you were able to do. Also it can take two years to establish before you get the beautiful flower spikes. The best option is to plant them 4-6 inches deep in well drained soil in full sun. The bulbs prefer to have a lot of space around each one and need to be carefully laid out with the roots fanning out from the central portion. Patience is the  key with these flowers as they are delicate tubers but once they begin blooming are stunning. I have attached a link at the bottom of the page with more information.

Toronto Master Gardeners does not recommend places to purchase plants. You can see if your local nurseries are willing to order them in for you or purchase online as you did previously.

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