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I have written to you a few times about my Pandanus Veitchii Plant. I placed it outside in June for 4 weeks but when the nights and a few days were colder, I brought it back in. I am wondering if I should take it outside again until the end of September? I do not have any area in my backyard to put it in a bit of shade. Is there anything I can use that would help it have a bit of light but not too much to scorch it? Or do you think I should just keep it indoors?

Also, is there any type of fertilizer I should use for it? I have not fertilized it because I want to make sure I use the right product and not kill it.

I hope to hear from you soon.




Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Your Pandanus ‘Veitchii’ sounds lovely and I am glad you are taking such care with it.

This plant comes from a very warm dry climate that is hot. This summer certainly is perfect weather for it. Pandanus veitchii is often grown  in full sun to partial shade. That being said your plant is not accustomed to full sun and would probably struggle with a sudden change if placed in  full hot sun all day. If there is a way to arrange something in your back yard that would shade your plant in the morning and early afternoon when the sun is its hottest the plant can enjoy several hours of late afternoon and evening sun and acclimatise itself.

If you watch the leaves you should be able to tell how it is coping with the sunlight and adjust accordingly. Many resources say the sun will bring out the colours in the leaf. you want to avoid the leaves drying out and being scorched by the sun. You will need to monitor the soil as the watering requirements may change as the soil will dry out faster in the heat. Pandanus ‘Veitchii’ likes to have dry soil but you do not want it too dry. If you stick your finger deep in the soil you should be able to tell when it gets too dry.

For fertilising a standard well balanced fertiliser should work well. On the container the NPK on the label should have numbers that are balanced without one being much higher or lower than the others. Toronto Master Gardeners is not mandated to recommend specific products but if you visit your local nursery they can help you select one that will work for you.

I have included some links below if you would like to read more about your plant.

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