evergreen privacy vine Added ps


We would like to grow vines along a chain link fence. Flowers would be nice but our main requirement is to provide a significant amount of privacy from close neighbours. We’d like a vine reasonably quick growing that is evergreen or with dense enough entangled branches to significantly block a view even in winter. Density/coverage is more important than attractiveness in winter. Thank you!
ps I forgot to ask – are there any vines that could ‘self support’ enough to extend beyond the height of our 6ft fence? Thanks again!

Privacy from neighbours can be very important. Below is a link to a Landscape Ontario article which details many different kinds of vines to plant along a chain link fence.
It is important to keep in mind that some of the suggested plants, such as English Ivy, may be considered invasive. For example, this vine grows quickly into a dense plant and provides winter interest. That being said, the vine
can take over and affect other plants growing nearby. Below is a link to an article which talks about these types of invasive plants and how to deal with them.
Good luck in choosing a vine which meets all of your needs and gives you the privacy throughout the year.