False Indigo


On May 15 I planted seeds indoors for False Indigo. It has taken approximately eight weeks for the seeds to germinate. About 1/3 of them are 3 inches high, another third are about an inch and a half high and 1/3 of them are just sprouted. I have an established plant outdoors in the garden and want to plant these with them. I live in Thunder Bay ON. Should I put them out in the garden now? Or should I treat them as a houseplant over the winter and put them out next spring? Because they have taken so long to grow I would hate to lose them.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Unfortunately the weather isn’t always in tune when our carefully raised plants need to be transferred outside. There are several factors to consider; temperature, air movement and light before you can move your tender young seedlings into the garden.  Once you are ready to move your plants, it is important to get them used to outside temperatures. Over a period of a few days take them outside so they are exposed to the temperature variations and air movements.

Fall has distinct planting benefits.  The soil is still warm, allowing roots to grow until the ground freezes.  Fall has more good days for planting than spring does, when rain and other unpredictable weather can make working the soil impossible. That being said, the window for fall planting ends about six weeks before your area gets hit with it’s first hard frost, which for your area is anywhere between September 9-15.