Privacy Hedge for Full Sun, Drought Resistant


My house is in Etobicoke. I would like to plant a privacy hedge between driveways. It would be in full sun, so it needs to be relatively drought tolerant. I would also like to have the hedge look good in winter (therefore, some kind of evergreen). Would you be able to suggest something? Thanks very much.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Information on growing hedges is a very common gardening question posted on the Toronto Master Gardener Website, which has resulted in our producing a Gardening Guide on the topic.  To see the guide Evergreens suitable for hedging, click here.

If you search our Ask a Master Gardener website using the word “hedge”, you will find a number of Q&A’s that provide helpful information with regard to choice of plants and their maintenance.

The following information from one of our earlier posts gives general information you should consider before choosing your hedge:

When choosing plants for a formal hedge it is important to consider their eventual height, spread and speed of development. Here in Toronto one has to ensure the plants are hardy within Zone 6 and are suited to the soil type of your garden. Plants for a formal hedge must have a dense growth habit and tolerate close clipping. In your particular circumstance, cedar (Thuja occidentalis) or yew (Taxus spp.)  appear to be good choices, as they stay dense and grow tall. However, they will take a while to grow to the height you require. Bear in mind that your choice of plant material may be determined by what is available at your local garden centre or nursery.

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