Flicked Butts and Gardens


This morning I heard of Toronto’s campaign launch countering cigarette butt discarding to reduce litter, since butts can take a decade to decompose. I heard, to my surprise, that these can be used to counter insects in gardens. Is there any truth to this re-use of “flicked butts”.

thank you


Tobacco waste is a growing concern, mainly due to toxicity of the cigarette butts, leaching toxins into the soil and ground water. It’s a human and environmental health issue and universities and cities are trying to get people to stop flicking their butts

Contrary to popular belief, those white sponge-like butts aren’t made from cotton or paper — instead they’re a synthetic microfibre that takes years to break down and experts say those butts are one of the most littered items in the world.

Do not use tobacco products such as cigarettes or cigars when working in the garden. Tomatoes, pepper, and eggplant are susceptible to a mosaic virus disease common in tobacco and may be spread by your hands.