Flower Baskets


Good morning. I couldn’t resist buying these costco flower planters (mixed flowers)! I have ornamental planters I want to put them into. Am I better to remove the flowers from the plastic containers they came in or is that just making work for myself? can i just plop them as they are into my own planters? thanks!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The planters may well fit comfortably into your ornamental containers which should work well, particularly if you remove the commercial plastic containers allowing the root systems unrestricted room. (My own daughter does this.) Or you might wish to transplant each individual component plant individually into your ornamental pots spacing them to please your eye.

Your success will rest on the maintenance of watering and dilute fertilizer every couple of weeks to maintain plant vigour and of course, deadheading regularly to keep the new blooms coming.

Have a lovely floriferous summer.