Norway maple


Is it possible to plant Karl forester grass as an informal hedge in an area underneath and beyond the drip line of a Norway maple? If not, is it possible to lay ground cover? If not, will anything grow under neath and beyond?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Norway Maple trees (Acer platanoides) were introduced to Canada in the mid-1700’s from Eurasia as an ornamental tree. They have a shallow root system and very dense foliage, which limits the amount of light and air reaching the ground.

In order to grow plants beneath the tree, it would be prudent to thin the crown removing up to one-quarter, as well as clusters of leaves throughout its foliage. As well remove any foliage on the ground which again shades the earth beneath. Winter is the ideal time to prune trees.

The tree is also reputed to be allelopathic, which is the inhibition of one plant by another due to the release into the environment of substances acting as germination or growth inhibitors. This, of course, is problematic for growing under the tree. answer from our archive will provide suggestions for your consideration.

Good luck.