Fruit Tree Problem


I’m in mid town Toronto and my peach and apricot trees are barely growing leaves. Seems like a bug has gotten to them but there are a few fruits sprouting. We sprayed it with a natural solution we got from Canadian Tire but was wondering if there is anything we could do this year to get it going to bare fruit?

Thank you!


The amount of fruit that an apricot or peach tree bears in a year is dependent on the number of blossoms that appear in the spring.  Both apricot and peach trees come into blossom early and are susceptible to late frost damage.  The weather this past winter and spring has been most unusual and may have affected your crop.

If your trees did not have an abundant crop of blossoms this spring, it could be a result of one of several reasons – environmental, pollination, biennial bearing or pests.

There is nothing that can be done at this point in the season to reverse the lack of fruit this year but good cultural practices could prevent problems in the future.  The following links provide some excellent information on growing fruit trees in the home garden.

The Organic Fruit Garden: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide

If you would like help in determining why your leaves are not growing much, please submit another photograph with a much clearer image of the leaves.